Tomorrow afternoon, Apple will roll out iOS 11 to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users across the globe. Per usual, Apple’s next-gen software is jam-packed with a number of exciting new features, but not all of iOS 11’s flagship features will make it into the initial release. In a press release touting the forthcoming launch of iOS 11, Apple relays that the ability to send money to friends and family via Apple Pay will arrive later this fall.

“Coming this fall with an update to iOS 11 and watchOS 4, Apple Pay users will be able to send and receive money from friends and family quickly, easily and securely,” Apple notes.

Once the feature launches, iOS users will be able to send and receive money from within the Messages app. Not only that, but iOS users will also be able to use Siri to send money. When money is received, it will be placed in a user’s digital wallet. From there, it can easily be transferred to a connected bank or just as easily used to purchase goods or services online.

As it stands now, there’s no telling when Apple Pay Cash will actually go live, but it stands to reason Apple is doing all it can to push out the feature as soon as it can. Incidentally, logs are already showing that Apple has started testing iOS 11.1

Apple Pay aside, iOS 11 offers up a slew of new features worth checking out, including enhancements to the camera app, a redesigned look for the App Store, a more capable Siri and much more.