Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is already in stores and the iPhone X Isn’t just an unverified rumor, we have just one major smartphone release to worry about this year. That’s Google’s Pixel 2, which should become official in less than a month. New reports provide an actual launch date event, as well as a confirmation that LG is making the Pixel 2 version you’ll want to buy.

Google has already “leaked” its Pixel 2 press conference date in Boston, a reader discovered.

Image Source: Droid-Life

What you see above is a picture of an actual billboard Google purchased to tease the next-gen smartphone. The Pixel 2 moniker is nowhere to be found. But the “Ask more of your phone” tag line, Google logo, and October 4th date are enough to suggest that’s when the Pixel 2 phones are supposed to be unveiled. It’s not clear why Google has started advertising the Pixel 2 phones right now, but I’d venture out and guess that Google had a top notch reason to do it if you get my not-so-subtle meaning. All we need now are official invites from.

The original Pixel phone was unveiled on October 4th last year. Considering that Google already confirmed the Pixel 2 will launch about a year after the first-generation, it makes plenty of sense to see the Pixel 2 unveiled on the same date. Recent reports offered a similar event date for the new Pixel phones, October 5th. Once unveiled, the Pixel 2 should be available for preorder almost immediately, with deliveries and in-store purchases likely scheduled some two weeks after that.