The iPhone X is going to be official later today, at which point Apple will probably confirm that it’s going to be the most expensive iPhone ever. The starting price is expected to hover around $1,000 and go all the way up to $1,200, according to some estimates. Even if Apple somehow manages to sell it for just $900, it’s still going to be more expensive than the usual $649 iPhone entry price — and these are all prices before tax.

However, Apple does have a way to make the iPhone X look cheaper, or more bearable, at least. That’s the iPhone Upgrade Program that’ll let you pay for the handset in installments. And the iPhone Upgrade Program is getting even better for the iPhone X

Looking back, it makes perfect sense for Apple to have launched the program when it did. In 2015, iPhone 6s buyers were the first ones to take advantage of it, and Apple learned the hard way what it entailed. You had to schedule a visit to an Apple Store to trade-in your old iPhone — yes, turning in your old, functional iPhone is mandatory.

Then, a year later, Apple learned the hard way what it means to disappoint customers who wanted to buy the iPhone 7 via the program. Buyers could not get the handset under the program because Apple failed to make sure there was enough supply to meet iPhone Upgrade Program demand.

Image Source: Apple via MacRumors

This year, Apple is about to introduce an even easier way to buy a new iPhone under its trade-in program. You can order the handset online, and have a Trade-in Kit sent to your home. The feature was discovered on Apple’s site by a MacRumors forum user.

As long as your iPhone is in good condition and it meets the requirements in the image above, you should have no problem trading it in for an iPhone X.

That’s the theory, at least. We still have to wait for Apple to launch the new iPhones, and then see how much iPhone X stock will be reserved for the upgrade program.