Fall is approaching which means the cherished festival of Oktoberfest will be kicking off in Germany in just a few days. The official event is mimicked around the globe, with beer lovers coming together to enjoy their favorite beverage and lots of laughs. Never one to miss out on a good opportunity for a pair of special edition kicks, Adidas is rolling out a reimagining of one of its classic designs in honor of the big brewfest, and they’re particularly well suited for the occasion.

The Adidas München “Made In Germany” shoes are a limited edition run crafted in the spirit of the great German drinking holiday. They feature lederhosen-inspired embroidery, red-and-white checkerboard lining to mimic the style of Oktoberfest tablecloths, and — this is the real kicker — a full grain leather upper which has been treated in a special “DPBR” coating. What is DPBR you may ask? It means “durable puke & beer repellent.” Yep, these are beer- and puke-proof kicks, which are really ideal when you’re at a massive gathering with a bunch of heavy drinkers.

These high-tech beauties aren’t exactly cheap, and retailed for a cool $200-$240, depending on the outlet, but the price might not really matter if you can’t actually hunt a pair down. At the moment, the shoes are rather hard to come by. 43einhalb Sneaker Store, which was one of the primary outlets to snag a pair, is now completely sold out. That said, there are a few smaller sneaker shops around the web that still have some in stock, depending on your size.

If you can snag a pair in time for the biggest drinking season of the year, you could always just seal your shoes in plastic wrap and accomplish the same thing.

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