In a bizarre turn of events, the shipping version of iOS 11 was leaked to a handful of tech blogs over the weekend and, in the process, developers have managed to provide us with a treasure trove of information regarding some previously unknown iOS features. Aside from a slew of  system enhancements which include new camera modes and animated emojis, the iOS 11 GM also clued us in to what the iPhone 8 user experience is going to look like without a physical home button.

As if that weren’t enough, reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently issued a new research note which sheds even more light on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. In a note obtained by 9to5Mac, Kuo relays that all iPhone 8 models will feature a black front. This of course should come as no surprise given that the anticipated iPhone 8 design features a notch which houses the earpiece and a slew of advanced 3D cameras. As illustrated below, a white notch would look extremely inelegant.

Image Source: Martin Hajek

On the other hand, because OLED displays can support extremely dark blacks, a black coated front will give off the illusion that there’s no notch at all, assuming of course that the left and right “flaps” are black as well.

Image Source: Martin Hajek

Kuo’s note also tips us off as to what iPhone 8 colors we can look forward to. The note reads in part: “We believe all OLED iPhone models (white, black, and gold casings) have front black-coating glass.”

Indeed, these rumored iPhone 8 colors align to previous rumors we’ve seen sprout up over the past few months. Notably, though, the gold iPhone 8 will reportedly look different from the current gold and rose gold iPhone models. According to reports, the iPhone 8 will be available in a new “Blush Gold” color option that will closely resemble copper. Alleged dummy iPhone 8 models highlighting the iPhone 8’s color options originally surfaced a few weeks back and can be seen below.