It’s beyond rare to find a product on Amazon with a customer rating over 4.5 stars, but we just found one with a 4.9-star rating which is as close to perfect as it gets. That’s practically unheard of, and the honor goes to the MECO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Gyrocsope Navigation Sensor. This $300 robot vacuum has all of the features found in most Roombas, and it even has a water tank for a wet mop function. But here’s the best part: If you use the promo code BTCNRJ5Q while supplies last, you’ll known 40% off the price and score a MECO Robotic Vacuum for just $179.99.

Here are some highlights from the product page:

  • ➤Click for a Through Clean — Just press a button and let it go to work. Coupled with 4 cleaning modes, the robot vacuum can do a deep clean along the wall even in corners.
  • ➤Vacuum and Mopping — Built-in brushless motor with powerful suction to pick up dirt, debris and pet hair; optional mopping cleans off Paw prints, small liquid spills, grime and HEPA filter removes allergen/mites, ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers.
  • ➤Smart Navigation Sensor — Automatically adjust to carpeted/tile/hardwood/laminate floor, avoid bumping around, stair and drop-offs, automatically return to charging dock when in low power.
  • ➤Friendly to Family — 55dB Whisper Quiet, can schedule time to clean via remote controller , keep your house clean when you are asleep or go out.
  • ➤Clean Where Dirt Hides — Only 3.25in height, this robot can go under beds, sofas and furniture to spot and capture hiding dust bunnies.

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