AT&T has reactivated an old deal that gives a free 32GB Apple TV to anyone who signs up for a three-month prepaid DirecTV Now subscription. The offer is a good deal even if you’re a cave-dwelling troglodyte that hates TV: three months of DirecTV Now will cost you $105, while the Apple TV is $150 at Best Buy.

For your $35 a month, you’ll be getting a basic TV package with 60 channels. DirecTV Now is a streaming service, which means you can access it from virtually any set-top box, through mobile apps on iOS and Android, or through a web browser. DirecTV Now was beset by technical problems at launch, but more recent reports indicate that AT&T has worked out the bugs, and it’s a solid option for streaming. If you’re thinking about making the jump from a cable package, it’s definitely worth trying (although our favorite remains Fubo).

The deal is only available through AT&T retail stores or through the call centers. Presumably, AT&T wants to take the opportunity to upsell customers on other AT&T products, or to bundle in home internet and wireless plans at the same time.

AT&T first offered the free Apple TV promo at launch, but it was discontinued early this year. Re-upping the promotion probably means one of two things: AT&T has seen a drop-off in new subscribers since it ended the deal, or Apple is trying particularly hard to move existing Apple TV stock before a hardware refresh in the near future.

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