The Galaxy Note 8 is the next major Android smartphone to hit stores, which means it’s open season for rumors and leaks. The Galaxy S8 is already a success for Samsung, so the Galaxy Note 8 will only build on that momentum. That means the Galaxy Note 8 will be a bigger Galaxy S8 variant, even bigger than the Plus model. The phone will be similar to the Galaxy S8 in terms of design and specs, but it’ll also sport two unique features, including a dual lens camera and a built-in stylus. A new leak, however, suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will not be a Galaxy S8 clone. Instead, it might resemble the iPhone 8’s design, which is rather unexpected.

A prolific Chinese leaker posted on Twitter an image of a purported Galaxy Note 8 screen protector:

You’d be tempted to say that it’s just another Galaxy Note 8 leak, similar to what we’ve already seen. But the screen protector seems to indicate the Galaxy Note 8 will not have the same curved screen design as the Galaxy S8. The curves are still there, sure, so don’t get too excited about the phone having a flat screen. But they’re a lot milder than what you’d expect.

The Galaxy Note line pioneered the edge design. Samsung started with one curved edge, then launched Galaxy S models with two curved edges. Soon enough, it replaced flat screen versions on its flagship devices, a move that upset some buyers.

Early iPhone 8 reports said the phone will have curved edges as well. But we then learned that Apple went for a flat display design with mild glass curves to ensure the screen won’t break easily.