I dropped my puppy’s leash walking along a crowded sidewalk once, and in the two seconds it took to dive-catch my pup, I thought my world was ending.

So I have absolutely no idea what was going through this person’s mind while their dog took them on a crazy chase through Mexico City’s traffic. But I can’t imagine it was very polite.

Digg found this video of a tiny dog being pursued by its owner on bicycle, and you absolutely have to see it to believe. The dog’s initial escape isn’t caught on tape, but the subsequent mad dash through multi-lane traffic, construction sites, sidewalks and intersections is just nuts.

There’s a bunch of questions I have after seeing this: how did the dog escape; why was someone walking their dog by bicycle in the middle of a city; how is the dog not a tiny red blob on the street; and most importantly, how does such a small dog run so far so fast?

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