With all the talk of tech companies muscling in on the transportation industry there’s been plenty of talk about the future of automotive design and how drastically it might change. A UK Ford dealer decided to have some fun with the idea, but not by theorizing what an “Apple Car” or “Google Coupe” might look like. Instead, Jennings Ford Direct took eight of the most iconic video game consoles from the past and present and turned them into some of the most ridiculous vehicles possible.

All of the major players from as far back as the Atari 2600 are represented here, including the Xbox, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Entertainment System, and even the Nintendo Switch. Check them out:

The aforementioned Switch, looking like something you might see in a Blade Runner flick.

The Nintendo Gamecube makes a shockingly believable econo-box.

Sony’s PlayStation 2 turned into a cross between an armored military van and the batmobile.

The sole handheld of the bunch, the Game Boy Color looks fairly realistic, assuming it was built for tiny Japanese alleys.

Fittingly, the Xbox becomes a big, bulky, ugly monstrosity, just like the console itself.

The NES looks like it would be more at home cruising a lunar landscape than zooming along modern roads.

And the award for most believable transformation goes to the Sega Genesis, which honestly looks like it could be the inspiration for a modern supercar.

Why did Jennings Ford Direct decide to make all of these? It’s not really clear, but we’re sure glad they took the time.