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No more need to carry around a USB drive that easily gets lost, or a chunky external hard drive that takes up space in your backpack. Now there’s the Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card Adapter for 13″ MacBook Air, and it’s on sale for just $29.99.

The MiniDrive automatically integrates with Time Machine to add up to 256 GB of extra storage space on your device. You won’t need those clunky USBs ever again — just keep track of the MiniDrive and you’ll have all the important files you need. It’s the perfect shape and size to be a seamless attachment on your computer. You even have the option to back up your files automatically, so you never have to worry about losing important information.

Feel the difference when you use the storage device of the future. Get the Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card Adapter now for only $29.99.