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This device does a lot more than just charge your phone. It’s the Ztylus Stinger Car Charger Emergency Tool, and it’ll get you out of a dangerous situation when you need it. It’s on sale now for only $19.95.

This handy tool charges your phone quickly, until emergency strikes. That’s when you can use the tool as a window-breaker or a seat-belt cutter. The device’s spring-loaded punch is powerful enough to quickly break any car window, and the seat belt cutter can effectively slice through a 5000lb tow strap — so you know it can cut through a seat belt even quicker. And thanks to this device’s dual purpose as a phone charger and an emergency tool, you’ll never lose track of it.

Keep your phone charged with this nifty device that may also save your life when you need it most. Get it on sale today for only $19.95.