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Hackers get to your data by going through your network, and today more devices in your home than ever are connected to that network. Most of them don’t have the kind of firewall and antivirus protection that your computer or smartphone has, making them extremely vulnerable. Once upon a time, this presented a huge problem. However, after CES 2017, there’s now CUJO Smart Firewall, the single device that can secure everything on your network in one fell swoop. The physical unit and lifetime access to Cujo’s elite online protection is on sale now to BGR readers for $224.99 – a vast improvement over the monthly payments you’d have to make if you purchased elsewhere.

Just think for a second. In addition to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you may also have a baby monitor, game console, smart TV, thermostat, or any number of WiFi connected tools. Again, CUJO secures all of these with business-level security, ensuring nobody can sneak out your personal info or financial details from a sneaky backdoor. You’ll be protected from phishing, malware, webcam hacks, and a host of other cyber threats – and soon you’ll even be able to safeguard your children by controlling what sites they can visit and how long they can spend online.

Don’t let hackers jeopardize your or your family’s security. Install the CUJO Smart Firewall, on sale right now for just $224.99.