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Are you always having to replace your charging cables due to wear and tear? You won’t have to worry about that anymore with the Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Cable, on sale now to BGR readers for just $29.95.

Engineered with braided ballistic military-grade nylon, double thick protective PVC jacket, extra thick wire gauge, and a robust kevlar core, Nomad has built these cables to quite literally take a bullet and keep on trucking. They’re even armed with RF shield for fast data sync and 20AWG for fast charging, plus a Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) build that gives the cable added structural integrity to coil easily without tangling.

All of this is to say, this very well may be the gold standard of charging cables.

With the Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Cable, you will never have to worry about a frayed cable again. Get it today for just $29.95.