Two weeks ago, we shared a new site with readers that’s fantastic for finding minimalistic wallpapers for your iPhone. With sizes matching Apple’s 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone displays and wonderful original designs, it really is a site that needs to be bookmarked. We got tons of positive feedback after pointing out the site to our readers, but there was also a complaint that a number of people shared: Just about everyone agreed that the wallpapers were awesome, but there just weren’t enough of them.

The creators of that site regularly add new wallpapers, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often. But if you want a larger selection of high-quality iPhone wallpapers and you want it now, don’t worry because we’ve got just what the doctor ordered.

Reddit user “maimoolee” posted a massive collection of high-quality iPhone wallpapers in the iPhone subreddit on Tuesday. It’s unclear exactly what the source (or sources) is, but they have seemingly been gathered from various wallpaper resources around the web. And if variety is what you want, variety is what you’ll get — there are 944 different wallpapers in this collection, and they’ve all been gathered into a single photo album on Imgur.

We’ve included a few examples below from this huge gallery of wallpapers, and the rest can be scrolled through and downloaded for free in the gallery on Imgur.