Samsung is about to unveil a bunch of new products, but the two devices the company’s fans want to see most won’t be here. Well, they might be teased in a short video, according to leaks, but Samsung won’t announce the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in Barcelona today. The phones were supposed to debut at MWC 2017, reports indicated, but then Samsung had to deal with the Galaxy Note 7 recall and ensuing investigation.

But Samsung still has hot new Android toys to show to the world today. The company’s big press conference from MWC 2017 is about to start, and you can watch live streaming video from the event below.

Samsung’s MWC event will be about tablets, if all the rumors we’ve seen pan out. The Galaxy Tab S3 was already shown in a variety of leaks that preceded the show, and we know it’s going to be a high-end device that will feature S Pen support and will have its own keyboard dock. From the looks of it, this will be Samsung’s answer to the iPad Pro, though competition in the tablet business isn’t what it used to be.

galaxy-tab-s3Image Source: @evleaks

A Samsung Galaxy Book is also in the cards for this Sunday’s MWC announcement, recent reports have suggested. We’re looking at a Windows 10 device, but that’s pretty much all we can tell you right now. The product name was spotted in a Windows 10 app, and we don’t have any photo leaks to show you just yet.

The Galaxy S8 might be the big elephant in the room on Sunday, but that’s exactly why we’re interested in seeing what Samsung has to show for itself at this year’s MWC trade show, considering all of the hot devices we’ve already seen unveiled today.

Samsung’s press conference kicks off at 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST. You can watch the live stream at this link, and stay tuned for our hands-on coverage of everything announced at the event.

UPDATE: Watch Samsung’s event below:

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It’s probably the best news we got all evening, although the Galaxy Book doesn’t look bad. 

So there you have it: March 29 is the day when the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled. 

This is the Galaxy S8 we kept hearing about. 

Samsung is about to tell us when it’ll unveil the next beast.

Galaxy S8 one more thing time?

Samsung says VR is going to get even better. 

It should “maximize” your enjoyment of Gear VR. It’ll be included in the Gear VR box in the future. 

It’s a remote and a touchpad.

Samsung has a new Gear VR controller for you.

We’re reminiscing about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge last year, and virtual reality.

“The Galaxy Book is the ultimate device for the professional that needs to do everything, everywhere.”

Samsung Flow support also part of the deal.

Something worth cheering for: S Pen and the keyboard come in the box.

Backlit POGO keyboard cover. 

You know it’s not an exciting Samsung press conference when you see people living like their favorite team is losing, and there’s no point staying until the end.

If that’s not enough, Adobe will recognize the S Pen immediatelly.

So if you’ve been using S Pen features on Galaxy Note or other devices, you’re going to get them working on Windows too. 

For the first time S Pen support comes to Windows. 

We’re witnessing a Microsoft-Samsung bromance here. 

The Galaxy Book is “customer obsession” that came to life. Okay, we’re going to trust you on that.

It looks like Microsoft cooked up some special features for this particular Windows machine. Peggy Johnson from Microsoft is here.

10.5 hour battery life with fast-charging support.

LTE connectivity also an option. 

2 USB-C ports and 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. You can upgrade it, apparently.

Core i5 chip inside, in case you were wondering. 

Galaxy Book is also getting its own stylus and keyboard accessories, just like the Android tablet.

7.4mm — wow — the thinnest Windows 10 tablet out there. 

12-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen.

10.6-inch and 12-inch versions available. 

“We just made productivity easier.”

To me, the Galaxy Book already looks more interesting than the Galaxy Tab S3.

The Galaxy Book is the name of Samsung’s new Windows 10 tablet. 

This is clearly a tablet that’s made for power users who want a tablet that’s as powerful as a Windows laptop. 

Alanna Cotton is on stage to introduce a brand new tablet. 

“The very best” is the Galaxy Tab S3, whether it’s entertainment or productivity. 

The Staedtler stylus got more cheers than the Tab S3.

Staedtler is partnering up with Samsung to make an S Pen that looks like its iconic pencils.

Samsung is clearly going after Apple here when it comes to stylus features.

S Pen comes with every tablet purchase, so you don’t have to pay extra for it.

“The most advanced digital pen we’ve ever created.” 

The rumors were dead-on accurate. 

12-hour battery life, LTE support, S Pen stylus, and keyboard accessory.

When you’re not consuming content, you might want to use it for work. 

The AKG speakers will auto-rotate. Well, they won’t rotate per se, but the audio experience will adapt to screen rotation to deliver the same sound experience.

And here’s our first Galaxy S8 teaser: AKG headphones are coming to the next flagship handset. 

Cinema quality imagery and cinema quality sound. The phone has four speakers tuned by AKG. 

Mobile DNIe chip inside: Optimizes images and keeps the power consumption low.

Tab S3 has a great screen, Samsung says, ready to adapt to what you’re doing, whether that’s TV watching, reading, or gaming.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, probably the 820 SoC, and Android Nougat right out of the box.

It’s a glass sandwich design, glass on the exterior and a metal frame in the middle.

Gloss-black design option coming to Galaxy Tab S3. Jet Black?

Mark Notton on stage to tell us why the Galaxy Tab S3 is special.

One person cheered for the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet that just became official. This tells us exactly how excited the media is about tablets, regardless who makes them.

And it’s two tablets that Samsung is rolling out today, “tablets that can do it all.”

It looks like the rumors were accurate, Samsung is making a play for pro tablets.

“We’re at a turning point for tablets.”

Samsung is also telling us the tablet is not ready to die, like some of its biggest rivals.

And Samsung is just about to unveil a new device that you’ll be able to buy later this year. The Galaxy Tab S3 is almost here.

That said, as exciting 5G may sound to anyone interested in technology, MWC is a show that focuses on consumer electronics. 

In fact, you’re going to need 5G speeds to power a large variety of VR experiences in the not-so-distant future.

Virtual reality at school? Verizon says yes, and you’ll need 5G for that. 

Thousands of customers have already reached out to take part in the new 5G trials in America.

5G customer trials start in the US, Verizon reminds us, in 11 markets. The biggest 5G proving ground in the world.

Remember how exciting felt 4G a few days ago? I have a feeling that 5G will be even more exciting. 

Verizon’s EVP Roger Gurnani is on stage to tell us what the next-generation of wireless technology means for Verizon. 

US, Korea, Japan, and the UK will be at the forefront of 5G. 

Samsung today launches its 5G Network Portfolio: 5G radio, 5G Home Router, next-gen infrastructure. 

5G will be massive, Samsung said. And it’s probably true.

5G: Gigabit speeds. 4K movies downloaded in seconds, In-car infotainment, and augmented reality.

Samsung’s future doesn’t sound bad at all when you think about all the things it’s doing. But 5G will probably be the most important thing coming out of MWC 2017 for Samsung.

Okay, we’re on to new products: 5G, hardware, and better VR are on the menu for today.

A gentleman stepped on stage to make a point. I, of course, did not see what it was, partly because I’m running out of air tens of feet behind him, and partly because I’m staring at a screen for a living.

Yes, Samsung is apologizing one more time.

“Before we show you what’s coming next, we want to take a moment to reflect.”

“You’ve got to get people what they want.”

David Lowes, CMO of Samsung Europe is on stage to get us started. 

In case you don’t recognize the clip, it’s the video that Samsung published a few days ago to show us how thoroughly it tests its phones. As I said back then, too soon, Samsung, too soon.

We’re on.

There’s nothing wrong with the feed, we’re definitely running late on this one.

This is a what a Samsung press conference that lacks what should have been the biggest star of MWC feels like.

There’s no novel stage like last year, we don’t expect Zuck to show up while we wear our Gear VR headsets, and there’s no VR headsets to wear. 

A few hundred of reporters are sitting in a crowded room that, while capable to dealing with such crowds, feels like a basement that’s already lacking proper ventilation. 

But the venue was changed, a clear indication this isn’t going to be a glamorous event like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7’s launches in previous years. 

It’s not surprising, considering that it’s Samsung we’re talking about. The crowd is huge, and there’s plenty of interest in whatever (tablet) Samsung will announce today. 

I’m sitting here at the Samsung press conference in what looks to be one more packed event.