President Trump and Apple are at odds again over a new controversial decision. This time it’s not about Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, which Apple formally opposed in court in previous weeks. Trump’s administration on Wednesday rescinded the protections for transgender students instated by his predecessor. President Obama’s policy allowed them to use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Apple was swift to take a stand against Donald Trump.

“Apple believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive in an environment free from stigma and discrimination,” Apple told Axios in a statement. “We support efforts toward greater acceptance, not less, and we strongly believe that transgender students should be treated as equals. We disagree with any effort to limit or rescind their rights and protections.”

Apple’s statement is certainly not surprising given that the company took a similar stance last year. Apple and other tech companies condemned North Carolina’s proposed anti-LGBT new law last March. Then, in July, Apple signed an amicus brief that supported the US Justice Department in its efforts to stop the North Carolina law that prohibited transgender people from entering bathrooms and any other facilities that would not be consistent with the gender listed on their birth certificate.

The Trump administration was quick to rescind Obama’s policy, The New York Times explains, as the newly anointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to act “decisively” before courts ruled on two pending cases that could have upheld Obama’s protections and made it more difficult for the current government to rescind them.

Interestingly, The Times notes that Trump’s decision sparked a conflict within the administration between Session and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Sessions needed DeVos to agree with his initiative, but she offered resistance at first. It was only after Sessions complained to the White House that DeVos gave in.

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