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We’ve all had the experience of losing precious photos or videos off our phones, or perhaps more often, quickly deleting old photos to make more room for the new. It’s high time you invested in a reliable cloud backup solution, and no solution is as simple or affordable as iDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup.

The best part about IDrive’s service is that it’s available as a lifetime subscription. Meaning? You’ll never have to worry about purchasing more cloud space again. This instant digital license allows you to back up five devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. You can even port your files from iOS to Android, or visa versa, if you make the leap to a new OS.

Most importantly, IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup keeps your data secure in the cloud with AES encryption, and allows for easy access through the app. Right now, iDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup is available as a lifetime subscription for just $19.99—that’s 60 percent off the suggested retail price of $49.99.