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There are lots of ways to deal with stress at work, some less productive than others. Where stress balls, sticky puddy, and Rubik’s Cubes fail, however, Stress Blocks excel.

Stress Blocks are the perfect desk toy to idle away the hours in meetings, on the phone, or getting ready for your big presentation. This six-sided block is completely addictive in the most positive of ways, giving you a different fidgeting widget on each side for you to click, roll, spin, flip, glide and click your excess energy away. Each block increases focus by giving you something to do with your hands while you read or think – taking away the most basic of distractions. Speaking of which, you can carry this marvelous little device anywhere—it’s just the right size for a pocket, purse, glove compartment or, you know, that satchel or whatever it is you carry.

You can grab one Stress Block for just $14.99, which is a 37 % discount off the retail price of $24. Happen to have a nervous friend or family member? Give the gift of focused fidgeting by buying two Stress Blocks for $27.99.