While every day with the Trump administration is an adventure, Thursday was especially eventful as President Donald Trump hosted a 77-minute long press conference in which he lied repeatedly, attacked the media for delivering fake news and slammed Hillary Clinton, who is no longer running for office.

It was quite a sight to behold. If you haven’t watched the entire press conference yet, we broke it down over here, but you can also just watch Stephen Colbert’s hilarious segment from last night’s Late Show.

Though Colbert’s Late Show airs late at night, he and his team actually film in the afternoon, so the press conference had ended just moments before Colbert took the stage. Therefore, he was fully prepared to talk at length about the off-the-rails press conference that Trump has just stumbled his way through:

There was so much to unpack that the late night talk show host was never going to be able to cover it all, but he did an admirable job nonetheless. Colbert wondered aloud if Trump believes that 306 is a larger number than 365, immediately blaming recent Secretary of Education pick Betsy DeVos.

Colbert also highlighted a clip of Trump saying, “I watch CNN – it’s so much anger and hatred, and, just the hatred – I don’t watch it anymore.” So, either you watch it or you don’t. It can’t be both.

Yesterday’s press conference was one of the strangest occurrences of the Trump presidency so far, but at least we have late night talk show hosts to help turn the confusion into comedy.