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A home-cooked meal is a delicious, nutritious alternative to eating out, but finding a recipe and doing all the shopping can be a time-consuming affair for anyone with a busy lifestyle. That’s why Blue Apron exists, delivering fresh ingredients and delicious recipes right to your door. BGR readers can grab a 3-meal subscription for 2 to Blue Apron now for just $27.

Blue Apron is perfect for anyone trying to learn how to cook or who is just too busy to go through all the dinner prep every night. Subscribers receive a box full of perfectly portioned, fresh ingredients and simple recipes that anyone can follow. As an added bonus: Blue Apron sources all of its ingredients from small-scale farms, so you know you’re getting the highest-quality, farm-to-table goods.

You can get 3 Blue Apron meals for 2 people from BGR for $27, 54% off a $60 value.