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Smartphone technology has advanced to the point that your phone’s camera quality is as close to a fancy DSLR as it has ever been. Interchangeable lenses take that capacity one step closer, and the LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set is the elite set to put your Insta game on point. It’s available now for 59% off the original price at just $39.99.

This lens set comes with two lenses designed to perfectly fit your smartphone. The first is a dual-purpose lens that enables you to take photos with a macro perspective or a wide-angle view, while the fisheye lens gives your phone a staggering 190-degree view. But where LimeLens beats other smartphone lenses is with its three different attachable clips. Compatible with over 70 varieties of smartphones and tablets, you’re guaranteed a cozy, versatile fit with your device.

The LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set is available for $39.99; more than half-off its original price.