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With the growth of mobile technology, you’re probably carrying more devices around with you than ever before. Having to manage the battery life of a laptop, a tablet, and a phone can be a hassle, especially if you’re on the go without reliable access to chargers or power outlets. The FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution, just unveiled at CES 2017, will be the single solution to all your battery needs, and it’s on sale for $99.99 from the BGR Store.

This feat of engineering is a combination docking station and portable battery pack that provides your devices with up to 25 hours of power — the equivalent of up to 4 full battery charges for your smartphone. Rapid-charging technology ensures your devices will be ready to use at a moment’s notice, and the docking station is equipped with two full AC outlets so even when you’re plugged in, you’re actually adding an outlet to your wall. The FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution even has Lightning and micro-USB connectors built-in so you don’t have to carry any extra cords with you.

The FuelBox is available from the BGR Store for $99.99 16% off its original price of $119.99.