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There are some items you just can’t leave home without. Pens, lighters, keys, wallets — it’s hard to imagine getting through your day without them. Luckily, BGR is offering 5 everyday carry must haves:

PicoPen | $18.95

You never know when you’ll need to jot down a quick note or add your signature to an important document, which makes the PicoPen such a handy tool to have around. The PicoPen is a miniature, stainless steel pen you can simply attach to your keychain, and is available from BGR for $18.95.


American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob | $19 (34% off)

The American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob makes it easy to carry just the keys that you need, and easily add or remove individual ones depending on the day. Sporting outstanding craftsmanship, this fob will last you much longer than a regular keychain and it’s currently 34% off, at just $19.


Bogui Clik Wallet | $42.99 (28% off)

Described as the minimalist’s ideal wallet, the Bogui Clik offers a sleek, modern alternative with that can carry up to 8 cards while holding your cash with a money clip. An RFID blocker adds an extra layer of security for your cards. Lasting longer than a typical leather wallet, the Bogui Clik retails at $59.99, but BGR readers get a special 28% off offer, meaning it’s yours for just $42.99.


SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter: 2-Pack | $34.99 (82% off)

The SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter eliminates all the fuss of traditional lighters by replacing fire with a plasma beam that burns hotter and cleaner than regular butane. It’s wind and splash resistant, meaning you’ll always have a light, even in less-than-ideal weather. You can get the SaberLight now for $34.99, 82% off the standard price of $199.98.

Pixel EDC Flashlight | $33.95

There’s no end to how useful a portable flashlight could be, whether you’re trying to find a lost item, having to read in the dark, or signalling for help in an emergency. And the Pixel EDC Flaslight definitely gives the best bang for your buck. Packing an extremely bright light considering its size, and designed with a stainless steel, water-resistant body, the Pixel is built to last, and for just $33.95 in the BGR Store, you’ll be happy you invested.