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We’ve all had that moment trying to navigate with a GPS on our phone while driving a car. You’re looking down at your phone to see where you have to go, and then your looking up at the road to make sure you’re still going in the right direction. The next thing you know, you’ve missed the next turn, you’ve had to slam on the breaks for that stop sign, or you’ve even had to swerve to avoid that car coming into your lane. Trying to look at your phone while you’re driving is dangerous, and the Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount will mitigate that risk for $12.99.

The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount is a durable mount with a gooseneck that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing for maximum flexibility suitable for all vehicles. Its clamp is padded with rubber and built to be shock resistant, ensuring your mobile device will be completely secure and safe to view.

The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount is usually $49, but BGR readers can get it today for $12.99.