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A new year means a new you, and that means you’ve likely resolved to treat your body right by exercising more and getting a good night’s sleep every day. But life can be unpredictable and sometimes it’s just more convenient to skip your daily run or stay up just a little bit later to finish that show you’ve been marathoning on Netflix. That is, it’s more convenient when you’re not being held accountable. For $29.99, the FitBit Flex will be that thing to keep you on track.

This premiere fitness tracker monitors your daily steps, calories burned, distance travelled on foot, and sleep cycles. Start by customizing your fitness goals and keep yourself accountable with wireless stat tracking and the FitBit app available for devices on iOS, Android, or Windows. The Flex can also improve your sleep by tracking data on your sleep activity and waking you up peacefully with a silent alarm.

You might think this popular device will cost you a pretty penny, but these refurbished models are marked down 62% from $79.95 to the low price of $29.99.