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Maintenance and upkeep on a car can be costly, time-consuming, and confusing for the average driver. Oil lights, check engine lights, tire gauge lights – there’s just a lot going on on that dashboard to always take notice of. That’s where FIXD comes in. For $34.99, the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor removes that uncertainty, potentially saving thousands in future car repairs.

This device plugs into your car and monitors the health of your automobile automatically. It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth to give you information on any potential problems your car has, their degree of concern, and what exactly your car is trying to tell you when the check engine light comes on. It can even be connected across multiple cars, to ensure that all of your vehicles are safe to drive with one device.

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor is usually available for $49, but BGR readers can buy it now for $34.99.