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Life comes at you fast, and there’s no telling when or where you could be caught in a potentially life threatening situation. In the event of a serious car accident, it’s important to be able to act as quickly and decisively as possible. The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool, available for $29.99, was built exactly for such emergency situations.

The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is a survival knife designed to aid in a car accident. Boasting a spring-loaded steel tip capable of punching through a car window, and a stainless steel hook blade to cut seatbelts, this tool can handle any emergency or auto accident. A half-serrated blade, nylon sheath, LED light, and belt clip makes it a practical everyday tool as well.

The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is available for $29.99, 25% off the original price of $39.99.