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So you’ve always wanted to learn another language, whether to beef up your resume, prepare for travel to a foreign country, or even just for fun. But learning a language can be time consuming or costly, and even figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Thankfully, the Rosetta Stone Language Box Set provides everything an aspiring polyglot needs for a limited-time price of $139.99.

The Rosetta Stone Language Box Set has been praised as “the next best thing to living in a country,” according to the Wall Street Journal, and complete Level 1-4 Box Sets are available now for students of Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

Rosetta Stone’s lesson suite includes matching words with images, playing games to bolster language, and conversation strengthening using sophisticated, proprietary voice-recognition software. Rosetta Stone even provides 12 live tutoring sessions with a native speaker, and a mobile app that allows you to learn on the go.

Normally, a Rosetta Stone Language Box Set is priced at $229, but this special offer is making them available to BGR readers at a 38% discount, making the final price just $139.99. This offer won’t last much longer, though, so the time to act is now!