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Most of us need a functional office software to get through our daily to-dos, but forking out the cash for MS Office isn’t always an option. Thankfully, WPS Office 2016 Business Edition exists as a smart alternative to help you get things done without breaking the bank. For a limited time, you can buy a lifetime subscription for only $39.99.

Used by over 590 million Android and iOS users worldwide, WPS Office lets you view, edit, and create nearly any document type. You can design streamlined spreadsheets with pivot tables, create gripping animated presentations, and even review PDFs with a built-in PDF reader. What’s more, WPS Office boasts outstanding mobile compatibility, making it easy to take your work on the move.

Now, you can get a lifetime subscription to WPS Office 2016 Business Edition for $39.99, or stick to a 1-year subscription for only $9.99.