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Chances are, you’ve lost count of the number of micro USB cables you’ve had to replace to charge your phone. Most cables fray with regular use, or the plugs corrode over time, rendering them barely able to carry a charge. The MicFlip aims to fix that with its durable, fully-reversible micro USB cable design, available now for $13.99.

MicFlip has a longer life expectancy than the standard micro USB thanks to a braided Nylon cord that also keeps it from becoming a tangled mess. Gold plating also prevents the plugs from corroding, allowing you to keep charging longer. Though perhaps the MicFlip’s most unique feature is the pair of reversible plugs. No more fumbling with USB ports, trying to figure out which way the cord goes, because the MicFlip allows plugs to go in right side up, or upside down.

The MicFlip usually goes for $24.99, but BGR readers can currently pick it up at the special price of $13.99.