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Your home probably has more electronic devices strewn about more places than you like stumbling when you get home after a long day. TV, Apple TV, speakers, lights, AC –  they’re all packed with their own proprietary controls, and it can be frustrating trying to keep track of which remote goes where. (And we haven’t even gotten to the clutter thing.) Say out with the old, and in with the new with KlikR Universal Remote Control, available now for $19.99.

Place the KlikR on or by any infrared, remote-controlled electronic product, and this Bluetooth controller instantly pairs to make it controllable from your smartphone. Using the app, you can organize and navigate between all of your paired devices to make them work when you want them. Even cooler: KlikR features voice control, giving you complete, smart power over your home electronics.

The KlikR Universal Remote Control is a $29 value, but BGR readers can get it for the special price of $19.99.