At its introductory price of $35 per month for over 100 live TV channels, AT&T’s DirecTV Now is one of the best deals in technology. But sadly, good things can’t last forever in a world of profit margins, and prices are going up tomorrow.

The promotional price ends at 7:00PM EST today, January 10th. After then, the 100-channel streaming package will cost $60 a month, rather than $35. There will still be a package that costs $35 a month — it’s just that it will only get you 60 channels, not over 100.

DirecTV Now is the first major play from a big cable company to cater to people who don’t actually want or need cable boxes. Other companies, namely Hulu, are rumored to be rolling out competitively-priced packages in the near future, so if you’re on the fence, it could be worth waiting to see what comes out.


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