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Some smartphone cameras rival some DSLR’s in photo image quality, but what phones lack is the ability to diversify lenses. With the Clip & Snap Smartphone Camera Lenses: 5-Pack, you can quickly and easily alternate between lenses to shoot a wide variety of professional-style photographs with your smartphone camera. It’s on sale now for just $23.99.

The kit includes a wide-angle lens that is perfect for nature shots or live event photography, a fisheye lens for that distorted super wide-angle look that creates amazing selfies when you’re at the Taj Majal, a 2x Telephoto lens for capturing that distant scene with clarity, and a macro lens that allows you to get as close as 3cm from your subject for those super close up shots of flowers and insects. Also included: a polarizing lens to tone down those super bright daylight photos.

The Clip & Snap Smartphone Camera Lenses: 5-Pack usually goes for $99.95, but BGR readers can grab it for just $23.99.