Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, folks with money to burn waste no time subjecting Apple’s next-gen device to any number of drop tests and torture tests. If you’re at all curious about whether or not your new iPhone can withstand machine gun fire or a free-fall drop from 1,000 feet in the air, rest assured that someone on YouTube has already filmed and uploaded such an experiment.

That said, we can always appreciate when someone comes up with an original and fresh way to put the iPhone’s famed build quality to the test. And right before the new year, we stumbled across a video from the appropriately named YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist that shows us what happens when you drop a perfectly fine iPhone into molten aluminum.

Right from the get-go, things take an interesting turn as the iPhone immediately bursts into flames. And while the iPhone is clearly toast, there is something curiously mesmerizing about this particular method of destruction.