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Want to know the one weird trick for achieving success that’s used by world leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers? Well, you can’t, because there isn’t one all-encompassing trick. But best-selling author Tim Ferriss has spent the past two years interviewing billionaires, world leaders, entrepreneurs, performers, and more extremely influential people to understand the habits, tactics, and routines these people build into their lives. Those are the subject of his book, Tools of Titans. Enter this free giveaway now for your chance to win a prize pack of these coveted tools, a bundle valued at $1,487.

Full disclosure: this prize is actually three prizes in one. The first is a roundup of 10 treasured items that help the heavy hitters do work—from Jason Nemer’s Disc Golf driver, to Jane McGonigal’s BabyBjorn. Next, you’ll get some reading material, including 15 works by the likes of Herman Hesse, Richard Feynman, and even Tim Ferriss himself. Finally, Ferriss provides you with the essentials of his daily routines: tea-making gear, a journal, a 40 oz. HydroFlask, an inversion system, and lots more.

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