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You’re at a concert, seeing your favorite band. You whip out your phone to capture the moment, but that’s when you remember: your phone is great at selfies, but kind of lousy when it comes to long-distance photography. Moments like these are what the Smartphone Telephoto PRO Camera Lens was made for. Today it’s on sale for $17.99—80% off the regular price.

This real 8x zoom lens lets your smartphone capture crystal clear images from far away, whether you’re at an indoor event or an outdoor excursion. Simply clip it over your device’s camera lens and twist to adjust the zoom just as you would on a regular camera. That’s it. It’s easy enough to clip onto your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, or Nokia device in seconds (it’ll even work on your tablet).

Pick up the Smartphone Telephoto PRO Camera Lens now for $17.99, a significant drop from its usual price of $89.95.