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As your inbox’s unread email count rises, so does your anxiety. It’s a 21st-century problem, sure, but it really can slow down your productivity and distract you from more important tasks. ActiveInbox is here to help. This Gmail add-on offers elegant solutions for organizing and prioritizing email, turning your account into a handy task manager. Change the way you work with a subscription starting at $24.95—a 37% discount.

ActiveInbox works because it knows how you work. It gives you folders for individual projects or clients, and allows you to assign due dates so tasks don’t slip through the cracks. Following an epic thread for work? ActiveInbox lets you make notes on individual emails, prioritize the ones that matter, and get alerts when you’ve received the reply you’re waiting on. And, at long last, ActiveInbox lets you schedule emails so you can send them at a future date. It’s basically the Gmail of your dreams.

At regular price, ActiveInbox’s memberships start at $39.95, but you can get yours for $24.95.