Because it’s Christmas, you’re likely going to revisit Love Actually, a classic holiday-themed romantic comedy. In it, there’s the iconic “to me you are perfect” moment, where Andrew Lincoln, who we’re used to seeing playing Rick these days, confesses to his best friend’s wife that he loves her using cue cards.

SNL took inspiration from that moment to create one of the better sketches in recent memory.

SNL uses the same Love Actually bit to show Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, try to convince an elector to vote for anyone on Monday instead of Trump. The list includes “John Kasich, Tom Hanks, Zendaya, The Rock, A rock.”

The entire sketch is hilarious even if you haven’t seen the movie. SNL’s Clinton uses plenty of cue cards to make her case, and the result is hilarious. You’ll even have to stop the clip to read everything on some of these cards. There’s one in particular that lists the many reasons why Trump should not be president — “He won’t acknowledge Aleppo, but he tweets about Saturday Night Live,” is one of those reasons.

“If Donald Trump becomes president, he will kill us all,” Clinton concludes.

Check out SNL’s entire Hillary Actually clip below.

In case you’re not familiar with this Love Actually scene, you might want to give it a go as well: