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Here’s a deal that will really get on your nerves. Well, one nerve in particular. NERVANA is a listening device that lets you listen to your favorite tunes while gentle electrical waves stimulate your brain’s vagus nerve, giving you natural calmness, relaxation, and focus. This TechStars Award winner at CES 2016 is now 21% off for BGR readers at $249.99.

Medical studies have determined that stimulation of the vagus nerve can positively affect your health and help you focus more productively. You don’t need brain surgery to get that stimulation. NERVANA’s electrical pulse syncs with your music and reaches the vagus nerve through your ear canal to achieve unparalleled calm no matter what you’re listening to. Not feeling music? Use it in Formula Mode to enjoy its euphoric effects in serene silence, or switch to Ambient Mode to blend the sounds of your surroundings with NERVANA’s proprietary pulse. Concerts will never be the same again.

Regularly $319, the NERVANA Generator and Headphone Unit is now available for $249.99.