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While Martian mVoice Smart Watches may possess a spacey moniker, their styles are firmly grounded in the world of fashionable accessories. Unlike some other smartwatch brands, their futuristic features are seamlessly integrated, so your watch won’t look like a smartwatch. Five distinct models of the Martian Watch can be yours today for $149.99 each. That’s 49% off the regular price.

Whether you’re using iOS or Android, your Martian Watch is compatible with your mobile device. It’ll display push notifications for texts, calls, social media alerts, sports scores, and lots more. Better yet, this watch is optimized for voice command, allowing you to ask for all those notifications, or integrate with Amazon Alexa to do a little hands-free shopping, control smart home devices, check the weather, and much more.

So get ready to do some James Bond-level accessorizing with these gorgeous gadgets. Normally $295.00, each of the 5 Martian Watch styles is now on sale for $149.99.