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If you’re really digging the cold-brew coffee trend, then this is the deal for you. Save tons of cash by brewing your own with the Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker, now only $28.95.

Slow-drip cold brew is becoming so popular not because hipsters can’t stop talking about it, but because the coffee is just dang good. This brewing method, while not exactly the speediest thing around, extracts the natural aromatic flavors of the coffee grounds, providing a superior taste. The simple 3-step Dripo system allows you to make your own 10oz cold-brew coffee at home in about 2 hours (a fraction of the usual 24), plus the compact and lightweight design of this combination coffee maker and tumbler makes it easily portable for on-the-go caffeination.

The Dripo 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker can be yours for a limited time for 27% off the usual price of $39.95.