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Forget forgetting passwords. Your face, your finger, or your devices themselves are your passwords with True Key by Intel Security for only $45.99 for 5 whole years.

With a focus on biometrics, this high-tech password manager does more than just remember your passwords—it provides secure access to your accounts by making you the password, allowing you to log in via a fingerprint reader or its facial-recognition feature. True Key does, of course, also store passwords as well as remember devices you’ve approved, including phones, tablets, and computers. And everything is synced across those devices, too, so you’ll never have to struggle to sign in somewhere ever again.

A 5-year license to True Key by Intel Security is $45.99 through this special deal, 53% off the usual price of $99.95. If that still seems a bit much to you, though, 1-year and 3-year plans are also available at great discounts.