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File storage, auto backup, and high speed streaming all in one? Yup. With this lifetime subscription to pCloud, you’ll get complete premium cloud storage service for a steal at $59.99.

Free up tons of space on your phone, tablet, and computer with 500GB of cloud storage and 500GB of download link traffic. Seamlessly and quickly upload, sync, and share files and folders of all kinds—even huge ones (there’s no size limit)—on any number of devices. The added high-level security connection and client-side encryption ensure your data stays safe whether you’re manually or automatically uploading, or even backing up from places like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, and OneDrive. It’s really no wonder Cloudwards gives pCloud a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The kicker, however? You can stream HD content on all your devices without taking up any native disk space thanks to the built-in video and music player.

Secure file sharing and storage is made simple with pCloud—but it’s made affordable with this deal: usually $478.80, right now it’s 87% off at $59.99.