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Whether you travel with one device or a dozen, you’re going to need power, which is precisely what LifePower A2-L portable power outlets give you. These 20,800 and 27,000mAh portable outlets are compatible with both US and EU outlets, and are currently 30% off to BGR readers.

The anxiety of dead batteries is gone with the impressive A2-L, the smallest AC powerpack ever designed, using the same lithium-ion technology as Tesla to deliver power to your phone, laptop, or anything else fast via USB. You can also plug non-rechargeable items in and power them directly, just like a wall outlet. Charge the A2-L for just 3.5 hours, and you’ve got a full day of lightweight, portable power at your disposal.

Get the carry-on approved LifePower 27,000mAh battery pack for $229, a savings of 30% off its usual $329.