This is probably the worst Black Friday deal in history — at least in Samsung’s history. The company is trying to sell you a Galaxy Note 3 that’s nowhere close to being new and will never run the latest Android OS from Google for $249.

Do. Not. Buy. It.

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Samsung is currently trying to clean up its name after the whole exploding Galaxy Note 7 thing. But offering customers a 3-year-old refurbished Galaxy Note 3 as a Black Friday deal will certainly not work in the company’s favor.

Found by Android Central, the Galaxy Note 3 deal tells you that you’d be saving $250 on a pre-owned 32GB Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint.

So let’s back up a little. Who is Samsung targeting with this deal?

Samsung’s hardcore fans already know that the Galaxy Note 3 is an obsolete device in terms of 2016 performance. It can’t even run a new version of Android — we’re looking at Android 5.0 here. They know better than to jump at the chance to buy this phone in 2016. It’s a phone that will never receive any software updates.

samsung-galaxy-note-3-black-friday-2016-dealImage Source: Samsung

For $249 you could get a more than decent 2016 smartphone, one that might even run Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat out of the gate. And for a few extra bucks, you could buy a new device rather than a pre-owened one.

So, is Samsung trying to con less savvy smartphone users into buying an old refurbished smartphone? It certainly seems that way. On paper, saving $250 on a device valued at $500 (according to Samsung’s ad) is a great deal, especially if it comes directly from Samsung. But that’s not the case. Samsung should know better than that. Sad!

Do. Not. Buy. It.