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Game development can be tricky, but even the greenest programmer can get their own game off the ground with the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle. Boasting 120+ hours of game dev training, this collection will walk you through building games for today’s hottest platforms. Now, you can pick up this collection for $39, a sizeable price-cut from its original $59 sale price.

Across six user-friendly courses, you’ll learn how to build 3D and 2D games using tools like SpriteKit, HTML5, and even Unity 3D. You’ll learn hands-on as you design clones of popular games like Crossy Road to learn the fundamentals of game development. Plus, you’ll even discover how to create games that run on tvOS, expanding your potential market.

Now, you can enjoy a $20 price-cut on the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle, taking its $59 sale price down to only $39.