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One of the easiest ways you can do your part for helping the environment is by using eco-friendly batteries. That’s where Fuji’s EnviroMAX Batteries come in. Made in a completely eco-conscious process, these batteries let you power your appliances without stressing over your carbon footprint. For a limited time, Fuji EnviroMAX AA and AAA Batteries are starting at $34.99 for a 96-pack.

Perfect for toys, flashlights, remotes, or any other devices that chew through batteries, these powerhouses are Cadmium and PVC-free, reducing their impact on the environment. Plus, each one holds 1.5 volts, allowing for much more efficient charging.

You can get a 96-pack of either AA or AAA batteries for $39.99 or upgrade to 144 for just ten dollars more. If you’re really looking to stock up, you can also grab a pack of 96 AA and 96 AAA batteries on sale for just $59.99.