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Let’s face it, you’re probably not as good of a driver as you think you are. You probably rarely obey the speed limit, putting you at risk of brutal fines and insurance hikes from speeding tickets. Fortunately, TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator gives you some extra armor. Now just $149, this indicator detects nearby speed traps, traffic cameras, and school zones, so you can adjust your speed accordingly.

Perfect for drivers still learning the rules of the road, (and curmudgeons who just have a tough time following them) this handy device chimes and flashes when you’re speeding into a trap. Connecting with your smartphone, the device tunes into nearby traffic cameras and school zones to let you know when to slow down. Plus, its enormous user network can update in real-time when a speed-trap is set up.

The TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator usually goes for $179, but BGR readers can get it for special discount, making the final price just $149.