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As the attacks on Dyn last week proved more devastatingly than ever, companies (and their consumers) run a constant risk of getting hit hard by cyberattacks. That’s why many are willing to pay top dollar for experts who can keep networks safe. For just $59, the Computer Security Analysis & Penetration Testing Bundle can turn you into one of these high-paid pros by helping you ace two hacking certification exams.

This course bundle comes loaded with prep materials for the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification and Certified Security Analyst (CSA) certification exams. You’ll prepare to ace both by getting practical experience using today’s forensic tools. This course will show you how to prevent data breaches, mitigate insider threats, and even counter corporate espionage. Start fighting for the good guys, and don’t let the Dyn debacle happen again!

The Computer Security Analysis & Penetration Testing Bundle holds the key to a career in cybersecurity, and it can be all yours for just $59.